№ 2 · Debbie Millman

‘I don’t believe in work-life balance’

I had the pleasure to meet the one and only Debbie Millman at last year’s TYPO Berlin conference. Debbie is a designer and brand expert who has worked with some of the biggest clients, she is an author, a teacher, a former president of the AIGA, as well as a podcaster. The born New Yorker has an incredible vita, but is probably best known for the Design Matters podcast which she runs for 13 years already!

In the interview, Debbie and I talk about Manhattan, failures, refusing once-in-lifetime opportunities, Design Matters and much more. We also talked briefly about Print Magazine, where Debbie was editorial and creative director until the magazine has suspended publication just a few weeks ago. At the end, I am asking her about her 10 year plan strategy for a remarkable life. This idea could even change your life.

The interview was recorded in May 2017.


Examples of her work

Design Matters Podcast

Ruled notebook where every single line is hand drawn

Print Magazin Annual Winter Edition 2017

Brand identity Burger King